Wednesday, March 14, 2012

We're Moving! (part 9) Timing is Everything

We are professionals.
We understand the market cycles.
Clarification: We know enough and are experienced enough to know what we don't know.  Which means we know that we don't know what is going to happen to the market in the next few years.  We think  it's just going to stabilize, maybe soften a bit, maybe not.  But the guys who think it's going to keep chugging may be right.  More worrisome, the guys who see a significant correction may be right too.

How Spring markets and Fall markets and the things in between work, that we know.
Location, location, location ... and timing.
Any house can be sold in any market.  But if you want the best price in the shortest time ... that is a different story.

The market in December is near-dead. Why? Because we are at our condo in Florida.  Wait.  Lee is telling me that we are in Florida because the market is dead in December.  Learn something every day.

July and August aren't so good either.  Why? Because the weather is good for golf and the cottage. Wait.  Lee is yelling at me again.

The so-called "Spring Market" doesn't exactly start in what a Canadian would consider Spring.  The actual closing dates of spring-market sales are Springier than the days the deals are agreed to.  In the recent hot market, Spring starts in January, and picks up speed in February and March.  Somewhere in June, the world decides it's summer and things slow down ... a bit ... usually.

As mentioned in (part 1), the Buyers show up first because the Sellers who decide at Christmas to sell, need some time to get ready (see parts 1 through 8!).  We know/knew all this but we still decided over Christmas and needed time to get ready.

One more thing about the Spring Market ... Spring Break is pretty dead.  But we still have a few weeks until ... What?  Spring Break starts in 10 days !!!!!!! Oh sh**.  Gotta go.  We have to get this listed tomorrow, materials, agent open house, public open houses, signs, website, oh sh**, oh sh**  ... sorry, gotta go ... LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !

[Lee doesn't answer.  She can't hear me. She's upstairs packing because she leaves for a week in Florida ... tonight!  Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear]

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