Friday, March 16, 2012

We're Moving! (part 11) Gentlemen...Start Your Engines

Part 9 left us with less than 24 hours to get everything finished and ready and the listing up on the TREB site.  And Lee packing for a week in Florida.

We always tell clients how we need a few days lead time, once the house is 99% ready in order to get all the marketing materials designed, written, printed etc.  The clients always understand and then reality happens and we are taking pictures while they paint and Lee is up at midnight writing a listing while Gord stays up until after 1am working on the feature sheet, etc.

And now we've done it to ourselves.

But we get it done.

Listing hits the computer Thursday afternoon, with decent photos by Gord.

This means it should be uploaded to by Friday, Saturday latest.

Sign ordered.

Just Listed postcards get designed and uploaded to the printer Thursday afternoon.

The feature sheet, window sheet, open house datasheets, etc get done in the wee hours Thursday night.

VideoTour and agent open house are scheduled for Friday morning. (

Public Open Houses scheduled/uploaded to various sites for Saturday and Sunday.

Custom website designed and published Friday. (not our best, but better than most IMHO ...

Sign rider prepared, printed laminated (rider has a QR code and the website address)

Janine brings in her accents to complete the staging ... last load to the locker ...


Make that 3am. ... Bed is already made, so I sleep on the couch.

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