We're Moving! series

We're Moving! 

We are moving ourselves. A series of blog posts covered a few interesting, occasionally fun moments and issues in the process that you may find interesting:

Links to each post are below, but I believe that if you link to part 1 you will see all the others in the archive column to the right of the actual post.

We would love to hear your comments, additions, options, etc.

(Part 1) The decision and a PG warning

(Part 2) Explain this to me again...

(Part 3) Too...Much...Stuff...A Lot

(part 4) "Lock and Load"

(part 5) ... Oh, the Horror

(part 6) How long has that been like that ...

(part 7) Staging ... spawn of the devil

(part 8) That's real purty.

(part 5A) Oh yeah, the Home Inspection

(part 9) Timing is Everything

(part 10) You Want How Much for That Thing

(part 11) Gentlemen...Start Your Engines

(part 12) We're listed...Less work, More Stress

(part 13) SOLD!

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