Friday, February 28, 2014

Scuzzy Real Estate Agents?

Used to be that Realtors® alternated with used car salespeople for the low rung on the trusted-profession ladder.  But I have felt for several years that our industry has become much better.  Far from perfect.  But a lot better.  This morning it occurred to me, as I was "enjoying" the latest story of professional sliminess on the news, that among the more recent stories of misbehaviour I hadn't heard real estate mentioned for quite some time.

We have a Bitcoin (whatever that is) broker going bankrupt because they misplaced $465 million.  A Scotiabank "financial advisor" promised a conservative investor (who was actually an undercover reporter) a 30-40% annual return.  Googling "lawer jokes" gets 26,500,000 results.  And I have it on good authority that when medical professionals get together for coffee or beer the top discussion is how, in a busy and crowded operating room, Dr. Doodnaught managed to perform his repulsive acts of sexual assault.

So be careful out there.  Not just in real estate, do your homework until you have real confidence that the professionals you hire are capable ... AND TRUSTWORTHY.