Monday, March 5, 2012

We're Moving ! part 1

We're moving!
Sitting on the lanai with a G&T in December a whole bunch of things came into alignment. No, we aren't retiring or moving to a commune or a cabin in the woods.  But a lot of things added up to: simplify, downsize, etc.

Now, our Realtors (that's us, remember?) told us that such a decision should be made in ample time to go to market at the perfect time, if possible.
We didn't, of course.

In this market, for the past several years, the Buyers appear shortly after New Year's dinner.  Sellers, meanwhile, need some time to tune up the house.  This phenomena explains a fair chunk of the annual January/February lunacy ... lots of buyers, few sellers.

We already thought we empathized well with our clients around the stresses of a move, no matter how positive the experiences and outcomes.  We now REALLY empathize ... the tummy-tightening hit the instant we realized we had actually made a decision.

We also immediately reinforced a thought we have had before:  As stressful and inconvenient as moving is, everyone should move at least every five years just to force a decluttering and junk-clearing.  We haven't moved for 21 years.  Oh dear.

I thought a blog of our moving experience might be interesting, both for those thinking of moving themselves and for those who take a perverse joy in the misery of others.
Events seem to have passed by blog-writing, but I did manage to keep notes.  So the blog will come out in bit-size pieces.  Subscribe to be sure you don't miss an episode ... there may be violence and bad language, but probably no sex!


Kathy Zaremba said...

Congratulations to the 2 of you! I will be interested in reading your trials and tribulations...and can already hear your "guffaws" over your escapades.....Kathy Z aka Felicity

Rod allen said...

While reading your blog on a patio in Scottsdale, it forced me to revisit our last four years. Those are the years in which we retired, sold our home of 20 years, built our retirement nest on the shores of Lake Winnipeg. This will force back into analysis and insomnia! Will they ever find the bones of the contractor?
Good luck to you both and thanks for keeping in touch!l