Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Transitions Seminar

Thanks to all who attended the "Transitions" session we were part of on Monday. Initiated by "Trusted Transitions" , we delivered ideas and information on how to get a home "working" better in order to stay in it longer and happier; plus material on the process, options and issues if a move is the answer. It went well, only one person fell asleep, and we may have been tagged for a repeat performance!
Kathy Zaremba of Trusted Transitions started things off going through the 8 steps of "smartsizing" -- "preparing for change as we age" and talked about it being absolutely "OK" to make a change that makes your life more enjoyable and just better.
Changes in the current living arrangement can keep you there longer and happier. And there are ways to make the changes without spending the money you need for day to day life.

We all spent a bit of time on the various options available if staying in the current home just doesn't work.

We homed in on the selling process. We recognized that the very thought of selling is just the beginning of the potential stress. But there are lots of ways to get help and minimize the stress. And it's all en route to the next fabulous stage of life.

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