Friday, July 3, 2009

HELP! Beach Biffy Bodies Beseeched

If you have been strolling the boardwalk lately, you may have noticed the washrooms have been locked due to the strike. Without getting into the civic/labour politics, this is a problem for this time of year. Alan Burke is the pres. of the EBCA, an East Beach neighbourhood organization. It appears he and some helpers spent a witching hour a few days ago pushing a toilet/trailer from Ashbridge to Woodbine Beach.
The result is that, at least during prime hours on nice days a bio-break is possible without breaking public decency regs.

But he needs help staffing the trailer. This involves keeping an eye on things (not those things), collecting donations (to go toward the rental cost) and helping a bit with cleaning. High school students could score some public service hours.

If you can give a hand, give Alan a call at 416-566-0949

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