Friday, September 19, 2008

Getting Tanked

Tankless Water Heaters, pro and con...

Tankless water heaters are becoming more common and somewhat more affordable. Their appeal is based on the idea of continuous hot water and space savings.

The Europeans have had lots of good experience with tankless water heating for years and years. BUT, their energy costs have been much higher than ours for years and years. And they typically use less hot water and use it in smaller spaces.

The space-saving benefit could make them a great choice in a reno or a small space. The energy savings are real and maybe it's worth a premium to you for just that reason alone -- they use less energy. The dollar savings will get even better as our energy costs rise.

BUT ... right now, the economics are barely there or not there at all. The higher initial cost of a tankless heater can eat up ALL the energy savings over the ENTIRE LIFE OF A WATER HEATER !!

Consumer Reports has done the lab work and I encourage you to do the research if you are thinking of installing one of these products. See their report HERE
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