Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"Granted", it's not free but it IS a good deal...

If you've been thinking about energy costs and conservation, you may have some reno or upgrade projects in mind. Perhaps you've just bought a house that needs a little work, or are getting your own place ready to sell in the next few years, or the thought of firing up the old furnace in the Fall is keeping you awake at night.

You may have heard that the federal government is doling out money to help. You're right. The basic idea is you get an evaluation done. They "qualify" you for certain improvements. If you make thos improvements, they come back to check and you get a government cheque.

One small caveat: The companies doing the evaluations are often also in the business of doing the improvements. They may or may not be your best contractor option. You should probably do a little shopping before just blindly signing on with the evaluators' firm.

That said, here's where to go for the program info

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